• 13th Age Gamemaster Screen and Resource Book
We like to support our GMs by ans wering questions and supplying them with resources and guidance, and have long felt that a completely GM-focused product would be a great addition to the 13th Age line. We hope the tools included with the Game Master’s Screen and Resource Book serve you well.

Our goal for the screen is to provide useful tables, charts, and reminders to keep your game running smoothly by providing the information you ne ed, without having to open a b ook. For this Resource Book, we want to offer GMs ideas to help them run better games, and mak e it e asier to handle t he improvisational parts. We cover subjects that generate a lot of que stions on forums, at conference panels, and even in our own games. Where it makes sense, we’ve also incorporated existing material into the guide that is useful to any GM, such as montages from the organized play program, along w ith a sim ple index of v aluable advice from the rest of the “core” sources.

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13th Age Gamemaster Screen and Resource Book

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