Boxing Day Shopping Policy (26 Dec 2016)

Welcome to Boxing Day!

Due to the high volume and low prices, the following changes will be implemented for today only:

Online Orders

No Free Shipping
There will be no free shipping after $100, all orders will be charged $10 Flat Rate shipping.

Pickup in Store
The option to pick up your order in store is available.  Choose "Hold Order" and write "pickup in store" in the details.

Meet Locally
All orders for local meetup will be scheduled for January 4, 2017

No Backorders/Preorders
To prevent inventory conflicts, purchasing items that are not currently in stock will not be permitted on Boxing Day.

In Store

No Holds
All purchases are first come, first serve.

No Returns or Exchanges
Please hold your returns and exchanges until tomorrow.

Price Protection
We are unfortunately unable to offer price adjustments for products purchased before boxing day.


All Sales Final
All purchases made on Boxing Day will be final sale, we will not accept returns or exchanges on these products.

Be Kind
Good nature goes a long way towards your fellow gamer.

Have Fun
We sell fun at a discount.  If you're not having fun, you're in the wrong place!