• MTG Magic 2014 Core Booster Pack
The 2014 Core Set marks a number of changes in Magic to move away from overly complicated cross border mechanics. This can be seen in the return of Slivers which now only affect Sliver creatures that you control, instead of all Slivers on the battlefield. It is worth noting that this set saw changes to the Legend rule and Planeswalker Uniqueness that helped as well.

Other changes worth noting in this set: Indestructible became a keyword and Unblockable stopped being a keyword. Finally, The rules for playing multiple lands got simplified and so did sideboards.

Mutavault and Scavenging Ooze appear in this set. Mutavault is a big favorite for anyone playing in Modern. Scavenging Ooze was only available in Commander decks, but a big favorite amongst people who played it. Fans of Llanowar Elves will find them cleverly disguised as Elvish Mystics.

15 cards per pack

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MTG Magic 2014 Core Booster Pack

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